In Need of Snow or Ice Dam Removal?

Emerhency Snow & Ice Dam Removal Services

The Greater Boston area has seen more than its fair share of snow over the past few weeks. Several storms, all occurring during a short term period, have seriously taken their toll on homeowners across the state. It has been particularly challenging for homeowners to properly remove the snow given the fact that just as one storm ends, another takes its place. Many Massachusetts residents, especially those who live in densely populated areas, have simply run out of space to put the snow.

The amount of snow has also placed a substantial burden on the structure of many Boston-area homes. The average roof is only built to withstand a limited amount of snow. Heavy amounts of snow left untreated on one’s roof is a potential for disaster. Flatter roofs holding several feet of snow is an even more dangerous situation. Fluctuating temperatures in combination with untreated snow can also cause ice dams to form.

Fortunately, Burke Roofs is able to provide some relief for homeowners in the form of emergency snow and ice dam removal. With more snow forecasted for Valentine’s Day weekend, it is critical to remove excess snow and ice dams as quickly as possible. Those in need of assistance in these areas should contact us today for more information.

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