Ice Dams: What You Need To Know

Ice Dams: What You Need To Know

In regions where winter is especially harsh, ice dams are always a serious threat to homeowners during colder months.

Ice dams first form when heat from inside a home reaches the roof of the home and melts a portion of the snow. The melted snow trickles down the roof, but due to a gutter clogged with ice, cannot properly drain off of the roof.

The water backs up and seeps under the shingles of the roof, where it makes its way into one’s home.

The water can then cause severe water damage to the home, which in turn, can cause mold damage as well. Water damage and mold damage can cost homeowners hundreds, and in some cases, thousands of dollars in damage if left untreated.

What to Do When Ice Dams Form:

When ice dams form on your roof, refrain from trying to remove them yourself as it is a very dangerous procedure. Instead, contact a roofing professional, such as Burke Roofs. We will thoroughly remove the ice dams from your home, saving you time, money, and the stress caused by a leaky roof.

How to Prevent Ice Dams:

To properly prevent ice dams from forming on your roof, consider installing an ice shield. Ice shields provide a layer in between your roof and your home to prevent water from finding its way into your home and causing damage. It is also a good idea to inspect your roof from a safe distance to determine if ice dams have formed.

In addition to our ice dam and emergency snow removal services, we also provide residential ice shield installation. Ice shields are a great investment for homeowners looking to preserve both their roof and the interior of their home.

Homeowners in need of our ice dam removal or ice shield installation serices may contact us today for more information.

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