Emergency Snow & Ice Dam Removal

ice-55457_960_720Winters in New England are notoriously harsh, particularly those that bring heavy amounts of snowfall. Snow, ice, wind, and rain can all take a serious toll on your home.

In the 2014-2015 winter, Boston experienced a record breaking season with over 108 inches of snowfall. Certain residents around the Boston area experienced several roof and building collapses, as well as other home damages.

Snow and ice buildup can put a strain on your roof and possibly cause structural damage, and in extreme cases, the roof can collapse.

Ice dams are also a threat to your roof. Ice dams begin to form when the heat inside a home rises and melts snow on the roof. The melted snow trickles off the roof, but when exposed to frigid air instantly freezes, clogging gutters. Water then pools up, and instead of going into the gutter, may find its way inside your home.

Burke Roofs provides emergency snow and ice dam removal for homeowners in the Greater Boston area. We offer free estimates and are fully insured. To learn more about our snow and ice dam removal services, please contact us today!