Rubber Roofing Installation

Burke Roofs is proud to offer rubber roofing installation and maintenance services for customers in the Greater Boston area.

What is Rubber Roofing?
Rubber roofing is just what it sounds like-roofing made from rubber material, instead of traditional asphalt shingles.

How is it Beneficial for Homeowners?
One advantage of rubber roofs is that they are typically more durable, and the shingles are less likely to crack during severe weather.

Flat Roof Installation in Melrose, MA

Rubber roofing offers several benefits for your Boston MA home

Rubber roofing material, like traditional roofing material, comes in a roll or individual shingles, and is very eco-friendly.

Rubber roofing material also comes in a variety of colors and styles so you can truly customize the look and feel of your roof.

Finally, rubber roofs are sometimes cheaper and easier to install than traditional asphalt roofs.

Interested in learning more about installing a new rubber roof on your Wakefield or Boston MA home?

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