Gutter & Roofing Project in Wakefield MA

Our signature red truck did not have to travel very far for this project. Burke Roofs recently completed a roofing and gutter project in our hometown of Wakefield, MA. A new roof and gutters were installed on mid-size residential Wakefield home. The white gutters and black roof complement the color of the home nicely. Check out some of the photos from the project below:

It is very important to make sure your roof and gutters are functioning properly during the winter. New England winters can seriously take their toll on your home, especially if you have a faulty roof or gutters. Heavy amounts of snow, in addition to wind and freezing temperatures can cause severe damage to your home. Ice dams, which form when melting snow trickles off your roof into your gutters and freezes, are an especially dangerous threat in the winter. It is best to make sure your roof and gutters are able to withstand a typical New England winter.

As a reminder, we also offer emergency snow removal throughout the winter. We also offer FREE estimates and are fully insured. To learn more about the services we provide during the wintertime, contact us today!



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