Why Should I Install Skylights in my Home?

Skylight installation in Melrose, MA

Warmer weather has finally arrived in New England with temperatures expected to reach 80 degrees this week! Can’t make it outside? Why not let the gorgeous sunshine into your home by installing some new skylights? Skylights provide a wealth of benefits for homeowners. Let’s examine  a few of the major ones:

Natural Lighting

The most obvious benefit of skylights is that it allows for natural lighting in your home. Skylights can provide homeowners with an constant source of lighting for their home.


Natural light encourages your body to produce Vitamin D and is also a substantial mood-booster. Poorly-lit homes have actually been found to cause headaches, fatigue, and even depression. Well-lit homes have also been found to increase productivity and stimulate lone’s mind.

Energy Savings

By letting natural sunlight into your home, you are taking advantage of a free and sustainable natural resource. Overall, skylights can help homeowners seriously cut down on their energy bill by requiring less electricity. Furthermore, in cooler months, the additional sunlight can also help you reduce the need to keep the heat on at all times. Skylights are particularly appealing for those who have made it their life mission to be environmentally-friendly.


In addition to a number of lighting-related benefits, skylights can also be utilized to improve the ventilation in your home. In warmer months, homeowners can open their skylights to let the warm air flow out, which reduces the need to use an air conditioner.

Privacy and Visual Appeal

Another benefit of skylights is privacy. By installing skylights in the master bedroom or top floor of the home, residents can enjoy natural lighting and air flow without worrying about their neighbors spying on them.

Additionally, many interior and exterior home designers feel that skylights bring a lot to the table in terms of visual appeal.

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