Why and How Often Should I Clean My Gutters?

Gutters serve a very important purpose for homeowners in New England. They collect precipitation and direct it away from the house, preventing it from finding its way inside. Gutters prevent flooding in basements and ground level rooms, while also protecting the foundation of a home. Without gutters, water can make its way inside your home, at which point it can create a snowball effect — water damage in turn can cause mold and structural damage to a house.

While the majority of homeowners realize the importance of gutters, many neglect to take care of them. Gutters need to be regularly evaluated to ensure they are functioning properly and also cleaned thoroughly. Throughout the course of a year, gutters collect leaves, twigs and other debris, which can prevent them from working they way that they are supposed to. Further, animals and birds may decide to make your gutters their home, causing further damage. If not cleaned, water will not flow through your gutters, but instead find their way into porous parts of your home.

How Often Should I Clean My Gutters?

A common question asked by homeowners is, “How often should I clean my gutters?”. While the answer depends on the area in which your home is located, gutters should be cleaned at least twice a year. Homeowners located in less-wooded areas may be able to get away with cleaning their gutter just once a year.

The spring and fall are common times to clean your gutters. Spring is a good time to clean your gutters as it is typically the rainiest season in New England, so it’s important to make sure your gutters aren’t clogged or damaged.

Fall also makes sense because it’s the time of year when leaves start to fall from trees and make their way into your gutter. Fall also precedes winter, which, in the roofing industry, is known as ice dam season. Broken or clogged gutters can perpetuate ice dam problems for homeowners; thus, it’s best to give them a thorough inspection once autumn rolls around.

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