Why Is There Discoloration On My Roof?

There are many different kinds of discoloration that can start to appear on a roof, whether that roof is old or new. There can be red stains, green stains, and just different shading that may seem a little bit suspicious. It is important to recognize these discolorations, as they could have a huge impact on the safety of your home and on a smaller note, the curb appeal of your home. Let’s take a look at some of the common culprits when it comes to roofing discoloration.

Green or Black Staining

In the eastern half of the United States, there is a massively common answer to green and/or black staining on the roof of a home. It is typically some algae that grows onto the roof, due to the weather in the area. While this could be quite alarming, it poses almost no threat and most likely will not affect the safety of your roof. This is a relatively simple thing to fix. There are lots of different kinds of solution that can be applied with a low-pressure wash. This is most definitely more inexpensive than replacing the entire roof, as that is unnecessary.

There are also many other kinds of staining that we see on roofs, so here is an inside look at the more common ones.

  • Red Staining: This color of staining comes from rust, as well chimney soot. This is an easy fix, as there are solutions made specifically for this that can be power washed off of a roof.
  • Water Staining: Water can make a large mark on the roof of a home. This is one of the more dangerous of the roofing stains, as it can cause damage to your home. Water can cause mold, as well as weakening of the structure of your home. This is something to look out for and replace as soon as possible.
  • Moss: A lot of the time, where there are a lot of trees in a neighborhood, moss will grow on the roof of a home. This is because there is a lot of shade that allows for this to grow.

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