What Happens When Your Gutters Are Not Properly Cleaned Out?

The entire purpose of gutters is to ensure water is carried away from a house and into a good drainage area. When gutters are not properly cleaned out, materials such as dirt and leaves will build up, causing water to overflow onto the building and resulting in major residential damage. To avoid costly repairs, your gutters need to be cared for routinely.

Here is what will likely happen if your gutters are not cleaned out on a regular basis:

  • Foundation damage. If your gutters get clogged with debris, water will overflow and fall along the foundation of the house itself. This will soften the soil around and underneath the structure, leading to cracks in the cement. In the most extreme cases, this water damage can even lead to structural failure, something that is both costly and dangerous.
  • Rotting wood. Gutters are designed to let rain water flow away from the house, but this water will collect and spread to your entire roof if there is a clog. The moisture will cause the wood to rot and the boards to get soft, providing an easy entry point for rodents. The gutters will also sag due to the fasteners coming loose under the weight of the soggy waste.
  • Basement flooding. Just as the clogged drains can destroy a home’s foundation by letting water collect, that water can also infiltrate basement walls. Water pooling in large quantities inevitably leads to flooding, wreaking havoc with black mold, water damage and foul odors. Your ruined basement will then run a very serious health risk to your entire family.
  • Landscape destruction. The water that falls from obstructed gutters can kill the grass and flowers growing below. When plants die and their roots cease holding the soil in place, more water will wash away all of the vulnerable topsoil. If this is not dealt with soon enough, the erosion will eat away at the landscape and leave a ditch under the clogged gutter.

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