The Importance of Summer Roof Maintenance

Summer is officially here, which means most homeowners are thinking about beach trips and backyard barbecues with loved ones, not roof maintenance. However, summer brings with it difficult weather conditions, from high temperatures and humidity to pounding rain and heavy winds, meaning homeowners need to perform regular roof upkeep.

  • Block any and all small openings. You should check around your roof for small holes that animals could potentially use to enter your home. Squirrels, rats, raccoons and other unwanted guests will not hesitate to move into your attic and cause havoc. Not only is it unsanitary to have them inside, they will often chew through electrical cords and cables, causing major damage. Use hardware cloth or other materials to block access through vents or other openings.
  • Apply a cool roof coat. A cool roof coat applied to your roof will keep heat from penetrating the roof and entering the house. This will help you reduce your energy costs throughout the summer as you will not have to keep the air conditioner cranked way up. The cool roof coat is clear so it will not affect the appearance of your home once it is applied. This substance can also cut down on the wear and tear of your shingles, as UV rays will be blocked.
  • Check under the eaves for debris. Eaves are the part of the roof that either meets or hangs over the wall of a house. These spots can often be problem areas for homeowners, as debris can collect here throughout the year, not to mention that animals often choose these spots to build their nests. You need to be careful when nests are involved, which is why calling in a professional is often the best decision if you notice any in your eaves.

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