The Importance of Ice Shields in the Winter

Although this winter may be an exception thus far, New England typically sees its fair share of snowfall during the winter. Snow, wind, rain, and freezing temperatures can all take their toll on your roof.

When snow accumulates on your roof and the heat inside your home melts it, water can trickle down your roof, and find its way into your home, typically through the shingles. When the water is exposed to frigid air, it immediately re-freezes, causing ice dams to form under your roof.

One way to prevent ice dams from forming is to install ice shields to prevent leaks in your roof. Ice shields are installed under the shingles to prevent any water from finding its way into your home.

Installing an ice shield will help save you money long-term. Instead of your valuable money replacing or a repairing a damaged roof, invest in an ice shield to protect your roof this winter.

For more information on our ice shield installation process, contact us today!

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