Residential Roofing Repair in Burlington MA

Burke Roofs was recently in Burlington, MA repairing a leaky roof on a residential home.

Ice dams form when heat from inside a home melts the bottom layer of snow or, in this case, ice, on the roof, sending water trickling down to the edge.

Once exposed to cold air, the liquid refreezes, clogging the gutters, and causing water behind it to pool and find a path into the home below, typically via the shingles.

Ice dams are more common in older or poorly-insulated homes and those with low pitch roofs.

However, even in newer homes, a roof can leak if water runs backward in between the shingles. This problem is resolved by using a high quality underlayment below the actual shingles.


In this case, rubber was used to to prevent water from leaking into the house.

With temperatures rapidly dropping, and snow in the forecast, now is the time to install ice and water shields to prevent water from leaking into your home.

For more information on ice & water shields installation, roofing repair, & other services in Burlington, contact us today!



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