Roof & Copper Project in Melrose, MA

Roofing Contractor in Melrose, MA

Burke Roofs delivers professional, experienced service for all residential and commercial roofing and home improvement projects in the city of Melrose, MA. One of our specialties includes copper roofing work, which we recently completed the service  for a home in Melrose recently.  Installing a copper roof can add a lot of benefits to your home, the metal material is strong which can last up to several years if taken care of properly. Also, the copper metal is highly resistant to fire, hail, and mildew.

If you live in the Melrose area and are in need of a new roof, contact us! Thomas Burke & Sons provides free consultations for all roofing services, to schedule a free consultation contact us at (781) 246-5622 or fill out our contact form online! 

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