Why Should I Install A Flat Roof?

Flat Roofs can be generally beneficial to your home, especially if a there is a natural disaster in your area. If you are in need of a roof as soon as possible, a flat roof may be the best option for you, and ultimately lead to you never looking back from a great decision.

Flat roofs have existed for many hundreds of years, as they are simple to put up and last a long time. A flat roof is a roof that significantly has less of a slope than a traditional roof. These roofs are typically used in warmer areas but can be perfectly acceptable and just as effective in colder areas as well.

You may think the quintessential area for flat roofs is an area such as Arizona, but it turns out that it is actually a very popular item in New England, due to the adaptability, as well as the speed that they can be installed. Let’s take a look at some of the things that allow for flat roofs to differentiate themselves.


From an economic standpoint, flat roofs are a great investment, especially in the long-term. As they are relatively inexpensive to install, they also can help by saving you lots of energy, which equals you saving money over time.

Similarly, while it is affordable to install, the labor and materials are equally economic, as sometimes it can take as little as 1 day to install this roof.


From an efficiency view, flat roofs are space saving and compact, making them perfect for small structures. One thing to consider is getting a flat roof when you are adding an extension to your house, such as a three season room, or a garage.


As mentioned above, flat roofs are especially affordable and can help you save money in the long-term.

At Burke Roofs, we offer some of the premier flat roofs in all of New England, including the Boston area, as well as to towns such as Wakefield, Burlington, Reading, and more! If you are interested in or need a flat roof as soon as possible, feel free to contact us or call us directly at (781) 246-5622.

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