Stella Emergency Snow Removal

The worst of Stella is already over, but residents all over the Northeast are digging themselves out of the snow and ice dumped by the blizzard. It is crucial to have the wintry mix removed from your roof as soon as possible, as ice dams and leakage can occur rapidly and cause expensive damage to your house.

Getting rid of the snow is a preventative measure that should be completed as soon as possible. The roof is one of the most important parts of any house, which is why homeowners cannot put off dealing with the toll winter can take. Snow and ice buildup will put a strain on a house, possibly causing long-term structural damage.

Burke Roofs provides emergency snow and ice dam removal for residents in the Greater Boston Area. We are currently working hard for homeowners to clear away the snow and ice Stella left behind, so if you are dealing with this issue, let a professional handle it for you. Removing snow from a roof can be dangerous work, so it is best not to attempt it on your own.

To learn more about our emergency snow and ice dam removal services, contact us today online, over the phone or by email. Do not wait until you see signs of roof damage to get this resolved!

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