Roofing Installation Project in Stoneham MA

Burke Roofs recently completed a roofing project in Stoneham for a residential customer. One side of the roof was in need of new shingles, so our dedicated staff carefully removed the old shingles, and replaced the roof with new shingles. Overall the project went very well and the customer was left with a much more durable roof.

The spring is a perfect time to take on any home improvement projects that you were unable to get to during the record-setting winter that the area experienced. Installing new roofing, or repairing damaged roofing helps prevent water and mold damage from occurring in your home.

Maintaining your roof also saves you money on your energy bill by retaining more heat and cool air during the respective seasons. Additionally, maintaining or installing new roofing also increases the value of your home while adding to its overall look. One of the first items that you or potential buyers notice is your roof, so why not give it some attention?

Spring is also a great time to clean out or repair those gutters that have been clogged with snow and ice for the past few months! To learn more about how Burke Roofs can help get your home in order this spring, please contact us today!

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