Roof & Rubber Roof Project in Melrose, MA

Roofing Contractor in Melrose, MA

Rubber roof is made out of rubber material, instead of traditional asphalt shingles. We offer rubber roof installation to our customers in the Greater Boston area. Burke Roofs recently completed a rubber roof projected in Melrose, MA. The city of Melrose is a suburb located just seven miles north of Boston.

home roofing project roofing project in melrose









roofing project in Melrose, MA rubber roofing project









Rubber roofing material is available in in a variety of colors and styles so you can customize the look and feel of your roof. Rubber roofs can sometimes be more affordable and easier to install than traditional asphalt roofs. If you live in the Melrose area and are interested in installing a rubber roof, contact Burke Roofs at (781) 246-5622 or fill out our contact form online for more information!

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