Inspecting your Attic for Roof Damages

With the coldness of winter gradually approaching, it may be difficult to check your roof for any damages. However, there is another way to check the maintenance of your roof for the winter, your attic! Inspecting your attic for leaks, damages, and cracks is important for the stability of your roof. Here are some tips to catch any problems early on with your roof:

  • Water leaks can be a sign that your having roof damages, in your attic use a flashlight to detect any dripping water, condensation, water stains on the ceiling, walls and floor.
  • Fury creatures like sheltering birds, bats, squirrels and raccoons can be a sign for cracks or openings in your roof especially if there are nests and droppings hidden.
  • Check the vents in your attic to make sure they are not being stuffed with debris, they should always be clear and properly clean.

The roof is the most exposed to weather area of a home, so it’s important to keep your attic in top shape for the winter! If you need any assistance with your roof this winter, contact us at (781) 246-5622 or fill out our contact form!

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