Ice Dam and Snow Removal North Shore MA

March is here, but spring is till a little ways off, and there’s still plenty of time for ice cold temperatures and lots of snow! We’ve already had some wild weather this winter and we’ve got a few more weeks left before it starts to warm up.

Winter in Massachusetts is a tough time of year, and it can be extremely hard on your roof. Heavy snow and ice buildup can from Ice dams and cause harm to any roof.  An Ice Dam is the accumulation of ice and snow in the lower edge of a slopped roof, also known as the eaves, and is a common issue for homes in Massachusetts and New England during the winter.

If you ignore the ice dams on your roof they can cause leaks in and eventually cause water damage in the attic and throughout the rest of your house. Its important to take notice of the snow and ice build up on your roof and if ice dams form, make sure they are taken care of before any serious damage is caused.

Thomas Burke Roofing provides expert Ice dam and Snow removal for your home. If you are worried about the buildup of ice and snow on your roof please give us a call today at (781) 246-5622) or fill out our online contact form.

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