What are Ice Dams and How are they Formed?

What is an Ice Dam?

An Ice Dam is the accumulation of ice and snow in the lower edge of a slopped roof, also known as the eaves, and is a common issue for homes in Massachusetts and New England during the winter.

How do you get Ice Dams?

Homes with poor attic insulation or ventilation are more likely to be susceptible to ice dams. They are created when snow melts on the roof and the water runs down to the edge of the roof in the eaves. First hot air rises to the upper area of the roof and causes the snow at the top of the roof to melt. The melted snow runs down the roof and then freezes at the eaves where the ventilation is poor and temperatures are colder. This cycle reoccurs throughout the winter and eventually the melted snow and ice can leak through the roof and enter your home, causing immeasurable damage and can even compromise the wall structure of the home.

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