How Does Hail Affect My Roof?

Hail is essentially chunks of frozen rail that fall down in clumps. These clumps of ice can cause a lot of damage to your roof, especially for shingle roofs. The damage may not be immediately noticeable but it can cause a huge problem in the long-term. One of the ways you can tell that your roof has been damaged is by checking for indentations, which would occur in random patterns. This being said, the age of the roof can also affect how much damage occurs.

Effects & Damage

Granule Damage: This damage will show as indents and chips off of the granules. This can cause asphalt coating exposure, which ultimately leads to accelerated aging. This is not just an aesthetic problem but can cause a lot of damage, including cracks from high winds.

Fiberglass Mat Damage: Hail can cause exposed fiberglass mats, as well as fractured fiberglass mats. In regard to both of these issues, they may not be visible and can cause huge problems in the future. It can develop into cracks and tears, which means you will most likely need to replace your entire roof.

Seal Damage: This seal can loosen and not necessarily show immediate issues. This, however, can cause shingles to loosen and lift, costing a lot of money to replace.

What Can Affect Damage?

Some of the things that can cause damage are as follows:

  • Wind: High winds will cause more damage than no wind, as the shingles can come loose and fall off.
  • Size & Density: The size and density of the hail can change the amount of damage that occurs to the roof.
  • Building materials: Different materials are affected differently by hail. For example, aluminum and asphalt can retain dings due to hail, whereas vinyl and wood can be cracked. However, if the hail is large and dense enough, the roof can be completely punctured.
  • Barriers: Any barrier in between the roof and the sky, such as high trees, can defer the amount of damage by creating a “wall” between the roof and the sky.

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