Flat Roof & Skylight Installation in Melrose, MA

Burke Roofs was out in Melrose, MA yesterday installing a new flat roof and two skylights. Flat roofs are different from pitched roofs in that they are almost fully level in comparison to other roofs.

Flat roofs are typically used in more traditional or classic types of architecture, and offer several advantages for homeowners.

They are obviously easier to access and walk around on in the event that they need maintenance. In many cases, a flat roof may be a more affordable option than pitched roofs.

Similarly, skylights also provide many benefits to homeowners in Melrose, MA, and throughout the Boston area. Skylights invite more natural lighting into one’s home, which can help cut down on energy consumption, reduce mildew and mold buildup, and provide a number of health benefits to homeowners.

Sunlight increases one’s Vitamin D intake, can improve one’s mood, prevent dizziness and fatigue caused by poor lighting, and can help speed up recovery from illness. Natural lighting has also been linked to lowering blood pressure.

If you live in the Melrose or Boston, MA area, and are interested in installing a flat roof or skylights in your home, please contact us today!

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