Be a Gutter Genius – Know Your System and Its Parts

Any knowledgeable homeowner knows the purpose that gutters serve – to collect and distribute rain and other precipitation away from the home. But, how many homeowners know each component of a gutter system and its purpose? Knowing the purpose of each part of your gutters can help you coherently communicate with your local roofer when a repair is needed. Let’s examine and break down a common gutter system:


Of course, a system does not exist without the actual gutters, which are the horizontal spouts that propel water down the chute and away from the home’s foundation. Gutters are among the components of a system that need frequent repair.

Gutter Guards

An optional component of the gutter system, guards act as a barrier to prevent leaves and other debris from entering. They are also an effective deterrent from birds, mice, insects and other creatures making your gutters their new home.


Downspouts are the pipes that are connected to the gutters that help funnel the water and other debris down the side of your home. The most common problem with downspouts is leaks and holes that cause water to sneak out of the system.


The final component of the gutter system is drainage. Such is where the water and debris actually exits into. Pro tip: be sure to check your drainage frequently to ensure it is not blocked/backed up.

Knowing the parts of your gutter system can help homeowners identify the component that needs repair when speaking to your local roofer.


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