Top 5 Signs You Need a New Roof

For many homeowners in Massachusetts and throughout New England, it can sometimes be difficult to gauge when it’s time for a new roof. The thought of having to shell out money often makes homeowners put off home improvement projects longer than they should. Here are a few signs that it’s time to contact your local roofer:

Look Out Below!

Are shingles falling off of your roof? Not only is this a dangerous situation, but is a humongous red flag that it’s time for a new roof. Perhaps shingles aren’t falling off your roof, but look as though they may very soon. In any case, a new roof is likely in order.

This Old HouseĀ 

How old is your home? And when was the last time you replaced your roof, if ever? The age of your home is a pretty simple and strong indicator of whether you need a new roof.

Rough Draft

If you’ve been experiencing a draft in your home recently, it could be due to a problem with your insulation/roof. When in doubt, contact a roofing professional for a second opinion.


Another red flag that your roof may need to be replaced is if you experience leaks or water damage on the top floor of your home. A damaged roof may be letting in precipitation, costing you even more money in repairs and restoration.

Light = Not Right!

Unless you’ve installed a skylight, you shouldn’t see light peeking through your shingles. If you do, the culprit may be a faulty roof. Thus, it’s best to check your attic every couple of months to ensure that your roof is in good shape.

Although these five situations are very good indicators of whether you need a new roof, it’s always comforting to receive a second opinion. Contact Burke Roofs today to have our professional roofers inspect your home and provide you with an accurate assessment of your roof.



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